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In the spring of 2000, Central City Productions envisioned changes to the voting process and formulated another arm of the Stellar Awards & the Stellar Awards Gospel Music Academy (SAGMA). SAGMA is the official voting body for the Stellar Awards. The Academy is open to record company executives, artists, radio announcers, gospel industry professionals and supporters.

The Academy supports efforts for the most credible voting process; its members vote, on an annual basis, for the artists who appear on the first Stellar Awards ballot. It provides the entire Gospel music industry the opportunity to support efforts for the most credible voting process, as well as, to encourage and promote Gospel music worldwide. SAGMA is an umbrella association that provides an environment for industry professionals to mobilize in a common goal: to promote Gospel music worldwide.

We appreciate member support of the mission for the Stellar Awards and our effort to bring the best of the best to the attention of Gospel music audiences everywhere. A SAGMA membership supports the goals and objectives of the Academy:

To have a registered base of members who arethe official voting body for the annual Stellar Awards.

To encourage and promote a global outreach of gospel music.

To establish an environment where artists and other industry professionals are recognized for their achievements and their contributions to Gospel music and the community.